Welcome to Islamic Restaurant

Singapore is a very modern society and with the opening of the two Integrated Resorts and Universal Studio, it has attracted many tourists. Singapore is a multi-national country and what better way, to showcase this than to have all the different nationalities having its own precinct, showing off their traditional heritage. 

ISLAMIC Restaurant is 94 years old, this year and is considered an excellent Asian heritage by not just the man on the street, but Dignitaries, Sultans, Ministers, Judges, Lawyers and Businessmen.

Our concept of ISLAMIC Restaurant is a specialty Halal Asian Heritage Dining Center. Itíll be new to the food and beverage service industry to provide heritage flavor.

ISLAMIC will take the form of two concepts... - one, a Free and Easy self-service restaurant concept and the other, a Singapore Takeout Corner.

ISLAMIC Restaurant has a huge network of 4th generation customers who crave our signature dishes, traditional Asian flavors, heritage food and the taste of ISLAMIC Nasi Beryani.