Our Story


Islamic Restaurant has been in the food business for 96years now. Islamic Restaurant was established since 1921 by our founder, Mr. Abdul Rahiman, then Master Chef of the rich Alsagoff family. Our restaurant is currently being managed by Mr. Kalil, who is the third generation of this family. Through adopting modern elements to traditional procedures, Islamic has been able to stay competitive in the F&B industry. Islamic’s mission has always been to serve the similar quality of food as the olden times during when the Islamic Restaurant became well known in Singapore.

We have had the privilege to serve the likes of our first President Yusoff Bin Ishak, MM Lee Kuan Yew, Royalties from Brunei, Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib and other ministers and our very own Prime minister Lee Hsein Loon and other ministers of the parliament with our trademark legendary Beryani.

We also had the privileges to serve government institutes such as, Ministry of Home affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry at Health, Singapore Police Force, National Environment Agency and others. This has mainly been made possible through maintaining strict F&B guidelines and meeting document requirements by Government organisation.

We have a wide spectrum of demographic customer who enjoys our food over the years through generation after generation. Islamic Restaurant today has a very good reputation for serving quality Halal Food to its customers.